Valerie Greeley  R.M.S  H.S

Valerie studied textile design at Manchester School of Art and Design and graduated with a first class BA (Hons). She has always been fascinated with pattern and intricate detail, being naturally drawn to painting on a small scale.

She finds inspiration in nature; the markings on a butterfly’s wing, sunlight on fur, are never ending sources of fascination and delight. Her background in textile design has encouraged an interest in the applied arts and she likes to incorporate decorative elements in her work to enhance the narrative.

Her book illustrations have been published by Blackie and Son Ltd, Collins, Penguin etc. and more recently by Long Barn Books. She has worked extensively in the greeting card industry and with ceramic manufacturers both here and in the USA. She has also created ranges of fabric designs for the home and quilting industries.

She is a full member of the Royal Miniature Society and The Hilliard Society. Her paintings have won several awards including an RMS
Gold Bowl Honourable Mention, The Elizabeth Meek Award and The Nicholas Hilliard Award.

'Golden Silence' (Barn Owl)


'Little Owl'

'Miniature Mole'


'Scops Owl'

'Pugin Barn Owl'

'Sir Granville'

'They Sail'