Hilliard Society Exhibition Awards

  • The Sue Burton Memorial Award for Best in Show - £500
  • The NVW Award for Craftsmanship - £500
  • The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery Award - £400
  • The President’s Choice Award - £200 and boxed miniature by Rosalind Pierson (held for a year)
  • Sue Lee Award - £100 and pewter pin
  • The Nicholas Hilliard Award - £100
  • The Elizabeth Brown Award for Excellence in Oils or Acrylic - £100
  • The Geoff Hunt Memorial Award - £100
  • The Gladys Hayton Animal and Wildlife Award - Trophy and £100 voucher for framing at Polymer's Plus
  • The Trevor Young Award for Watercolour - Plaque (held for a year)
  • The Roy Cooney Memorial Award - Picture of Wells Cathedral (held for a year)
  • The Most Popular Exhibit - £50
The Hilliard Society has been honoured to present Awards for outstanding miniature art since 1982. Below we are pleased to be able to share the Award winning works since 2012 when the Exhibition was first online.



2021 Awards







  • Hilliard society of miniature art 2014 award winning miniature artwork


  • Hilliard society of miniature art - 2013 award winning miniature artwork


  • hilliard society of miniature art - award winning miniatures 2012

As with all such organisations, many people have supported the Society since its inception. We are particularly grateful to Jillian Llewellyn Lloyd and Ernest Chew, formerly of the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London, who have made provision for the continuation of the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery Award. Awards also include the Geoff Hunt Memorial Award which  commemorates our second President. We are grateful to Mrs. Pamela Hunt who kindly donates this award. The Mike Titterton Award, generously donated by Mike’s wife Lesley, is awarded in memory of Mike, a member of the Society and Council.

Christine Young presents an award in memory of her husband Trevor for best work in watercolour and Elizabeth Brown, a long standing artist member, presents an award for excellence in oils or acrylic. The Most Popular Exhibit is awarded to the artist who receives the most votes from visitors to the exhibition. This award is given by Rosalind Pierson in memory of her parents, Lyall and Iris, who were both founder members and active supporters of the Society.

In 2021 we have three new awards, The NVW Award for Craftsmanship, The Gladys Hayton Animal and Wildlife Award and The Roy Cooney Memorial Award. Our thanks go to Natasha Duffield, Peter Hayton and Roy Cooney’s family for their generosity and support. The Marion Winter Kangaroo Awards, which have been generously given by Marion for several years, is changing format. Marion will in future be purchasing paintings for a collection which will in time be donated to an Australian Museum. Awards made by the Society include The President’s Choice, The Sue Burton Memorial Award, The Sue Lee Award and The Nicholas Hilliard Award

We are extremely grateful to everyone who has supported the Society by donating an award both currently and in the past. Thank you all.