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tracy hall miniature artist.

A full time artist and illustrator, Tracy Hall  has been working with both private and commercial clients around the world for many years. She works exclusively in watercolour and specialises in painting nature in detail.

After being introduced to miniature art in 2007 she was instantly hooked and spent every spare moment practicing and learning more about this fascinating world. She began exhibiting the following year and was incredibly honoured to win several international awards with her first entries, including the prestigious Gold Memorial Bowl from the Royal Miniature Society.   

Silver-washed Fritillary on Buddleia

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  • For Sale
2.25" x 1.75". Custom framed ready to hang. Watercolour on HP.


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Mute Swan

2" x 2"Watercolour

Eagle Owl


3.25" x 2" Watercolour


  • Amur Leopard miniature painting by Tracy Hall
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2" X 2" Watercolour

A Flash of Blue (European Jay)

4" x 2" Watercolour 

Acorn Treats

  • Red Squirrel miniature painting tracy hall
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3" x 2" watercolour
tracy hall miniature artist.

The daughter of an art teacher and potter, Tracy was born in Cornwall and grew up surrounded by nature and art. 

Her work has been published in many books and magazines, including fifty full page colour illustrations for the Orkney Book of Birds which took four years to complete.

Tracy also works with many companies who license her work including for jigsaw puzzles, greeting cards and other products. Many of her larger paintings are also available as high quality prints. Tracy is a member of both the Hilliard Society (HS) and the Royal Miniature Society (RMS) in the UK and the Miniature Artists of America (MAA).

She now balances commercial work with her passion for miniature painting whenever possible and continues to exhibit regularly in the UK and abroad. In addition to participating in several International Miniature Art shows each year she has also successfully exhibited her miniatures alongside larger artworks with The Society of Wildlife Artists, The Society of Women Artists, The Society of Botanical Artists, The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation and the National Exhibition of Wildlife Art. 

Tracy works from her studio on the shores of Scapa Flow in Orkney, Scotland.

tracy hall miniature artist.

2024 1st Place Award 'Birds', Miniature Art Society of Florida, USA; President's Choice Award, Sue Lee Award, Roy Cooney Memorial Award, Hilliard Society, UK.
2022 Sue Burton Memorial Award Best in Show, Hilliard Society, UK.
2021 Llewellyn Alexander Gallery Award, Hilliard Society, UK.
2019 Marion Winter Kangaroo Award, Hilliard Society, UK.
2017 Anthony Lester Art Critic Award RMS, UK; Marion Winter Kangaroo Award, Hilliard Society, UK.
2015 The Prince of Wales Award for Outstanding Miniature Painting, RMS, UK; Marion Winter Kangaroo Award, Hilliard Society, UK 
2014 President's Choice Award RMS, UK;  1st Place Opaque Watercolour, MASF, USA
2012 Sue Burton Memorial Award (Best in Show), Hilliard Society, UK; Mary Scott Kestin Award (Animals & Wildlife), Hilliard Society, UK; Most Popular Exhibit Award, Hilliard Society, UK; 1st Place Opaque Watercolour, MASF, USA.
2011 2nd Place International Award, MPSGS, USA; Daler Rowney Award (Best Watercolour), National Exhibition of Wildlife Art, UK; Best Watercolour Award, Seaside Gallery Miniature Show, USA.
2010 Highly Commended, David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year, UK; Highly Commended, Blossom II Art of Flowers, USA; Red River Paper Award, Parklane Gallery Miniature Show, USA.
2009 Permanent Collection Purchase Award, MASF, USA.
2008 Gold Memorial Bowl, Royal Miniature Society, UK; Llewellyn Alexander Award, Royal Miniature Society, UK; Mary Scott Kestin Award (Animals & Wildlife), Hilliard Society, UK.
tracy hall miniature artist.
tracy hall miniature artist.
tracy hall miniature artist.

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