John Darley hs

After leaving art college in Maidstone, I worked for many years as a graphic designer both in London and the home counties. In 1999, responding to a newspaper advertisement, I began painting animals and birds onto wooden lace making bobbins. This was my initial introduction to miniature art. As a result of experience gained from this I began to exhibit my own miniature paintings at various exhibitions, including the Royal Miniature Society, the Hilliard Society and the Society of Limners. A painting of a kestrel hovering is in the Sue Lee permanent collection.

As well as traditional miniature paintings I have painted smaller scale images onto pebbles. Canterbury Arts Council provided funding so that I could instigate a pebble hunt and pebble painting workshop, which would take place on various East Kent beaches. The BBC did a special feature on my work on their regional TV news programme.

Professionally, I also create miniature images as paperweights and place settings. The medium of choice for me is acrylic.

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