I’m a Yorkshire artist now living and painting full-time in Cornwall; although I also paint ‘large’, I’m drawn back again and again to miniatures, and they’ve become my specialism. I paint in acrylics, oils, and egg tempera. 

After working as a picture framer in my teens, I spent a summer learning the rudiments of oil painting and classical realism in Florence, before gaining a 1st Class fine art degree from Lancaster University – when a serious interest in medicine almost tempted me away from the art world! 

After a rewarding stint as a carer, I ended up back where I belonged as a full-time painter, working from my studio in the Georgian Princes House in Truro.

I fell into miniatures after a challenge from my picture framer at age 18 - to fill a tiny, ‘useless’ practice frame 5cm square – and I began experimenting! 

My smallest full landscape to date is 1.4cm high. To me miniatures have a concentrated power that brings something different out of the subject; an absorptive quality, both when I’m painting them and when they’re viewed. I love pouring a sweeping vista into a space the size of a playing card, and suggesting portals to tiny worlds by nestling them in deep frames. 

The great miniaturists of the past and present inspire me to keep striving for greater clarity, presence and power in my miniatures; building up meticulous layers and delicately fine tuning to bring cavescapes, wildflowers, ruins, portraits and more to life.


2023 - Gold Bowl Honourable Mention, awarded by the Royal Miniatures Society for 'The
Judgement of Alcibiades'
2021 - The President's Special Commendation for 'Walsingham Cave, Bermuda', awarded by the
Royal Miniatures Society
2021 - The Nicholas Hilliard Award for 'Cathedral Cave', awarded by the Hilliard Society of

Find out more on my website: www.elliemoorefineart.co.uk

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