rosemary bentley rms hs

Rosemary has been painting miniatures for over twenty years. She attended Exeter College of Art and for many years concentrated on large portraits in oils. It was only after seeing the beautiful collection of miniatures at the Wallace Collection in London that she was inspired to have a go herself.

She now works almost exclusively in miniature format and is a member of the Royal Miniature Society and the Hilliard Society. Her great love is still portraiture but she is prepared to tackel any subject whether it be still-life, birds, landscape or flowers.

Among the awards Rosemary has won are:

Margaret Ryder Award for First Time Exhibitor, The Royal Miniature Society 1993
Best in Show, The Hilliard Society 2006
Gold Memorial Bowl Honourable Mention, The Royal Miniature Society 2012
Gold Memorial Bowl Honourable Mention, The Royal Miniature Society 2013
The Bell Portrait Award ,The Hilliard Society 2013
The Peter Charles Booth Memorial Award, The Royal Miniature Society, 2015
The Mary Scott-Kestin Animal land Wild Life Award, The Hilliard Society, 2017
The Marion Winter Award for Excellence, The Hilliard Society, 2017



Rosemary's work has been exhibited at:

  • The Royal Miniature Society
  • The Hilliard Society
  • The Paris Salon
  • The Royal Oil Institute
  • The World Federation of Miniaturists

Her miniatures are permanently on display at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, London and her work is also in many private collections in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Tempus fugit


Prince Gabriel de Broglie, Chancelier de l'lnstitut de France


Blue Vase and Peaches

Apples and Grapes

Plums and Blue Butterflies