The Council

The Hilliard Society is run by a council of approximately 14 elected members and is governed by a constitution.  The council are elected for two years.

From these members the officers are chosen by the rest of the council.  All may stand for re-election.  Formal meetings take place usually twice a year with regular informal discussions at other times.

Meet some of the council members below:


Thirty years ago, Joyce joined the Hilliard Society and has been painting miniatures in oil on silk ever since.  She exhibits widely in the UK and overseas and has received well over 80 prizes and awards for miniature painting from various Societies and Galleries in England and the USA and puts on a one-woman show every other year with Somerset Art Works.

Joyce was elected President of the Hilliard Society in 2015.

Rosalind Pierson  CFA(Oxon), PRMS, PPHS, MAA, MASF 

Rosalind has been a professional miniaturist for over thirty years, specialising in watercolour landscapes, and she is a co-founder of the Society. 

Awarded The Royal Miniature Society Gold Memorial Bowl 2012, she became President of the RMS in 2014.

Heather O. Catchpole  PPHSF

Heather trained as a commercial artist in the sixties, in South Africa before coming to live in England. She established herself as a successful artist in pastels, of portraits both canine and human and it was in 1980 when she began painting and exhibiting miniatures in watercolour on ivorine.

Her love of dogs, together with her talent and sense of humour all come together in her book ‘Heidi, Holly and Other Dogs’ – a must for every dog lover!

William P Mundy RMS HS

fine art in miniature bill mundy

Bill is the only living artist to have a miniature in the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.  Also winning the Exhibit of the Year award on two occasions at the RA Summer exhibition, he is one of the original members of the Hilliard society joining in 1982.

After  a five year apprenticeship as a lithographic artists Bill spent his military service as a cartographer eventually living in Asia for 20 years.  There he became ‘court painter’ to the Johore Royal Family but returned to England in 1978.    His career has resulted in many awards from many societies.  

Roy Cooney  HS, MASF, RMS

Roy is an engraver who learned his skills at the UK Hydrographic office, where navigational charts are produced for the Royal Navy and for naval services around the world. His engraving of The Lord’s Prayer, which, you must remember, is engraved back to front, is a mere 2” high. 

He has recently started engraving Ex Libris book plates which can be commissioned, for those extra special books deserving of such a special art.

Jenny Brooks Dip AD, ATC, RMS, HS, MASF, SWA

Jenny has been painting and drawing since childhood and after a long teaching career in schools she now combines her freelance work as one of the country’s foremost portrait miniaturists, with teaching botanical painting at the University of Bristol Botanic Gardens and at her nearby village hall at Abbots Leigh, and annually at the Wye Valley Arts, Llandogo.

Tom Dale DA, RMS, HSF

Tom is a Scottish artist, trained at the Glasgow School of Art where he specialised in mural painting, stained glass and sgraffito. After teacher training and National Service he taught  in schools for many years and it was in 1980 that he began painting watercolour landscape miniatures, a world away from his art school beginnings. 

He exhibited with miniature societies and galleries in London and overseas and his work is now in private collections in over forty countries.

Maggie PickardHS

I have been a member of the Hilliard Society since 1997 and I am a member of the Royal Miniature Society. I organised a local art group for over 30 years and, together with partners, owned a small gallery in Oxfordshire which specialised in exhibiting the work of local artists.

Heather Webb (executive secretary)

Heather joined the Society in 2005. As local person who has worked for over fifteen years in a bank and subsequently started her own business as a Book keeper and Administrator, Heather was ideally suited to take charge of the office and create order from chaos. She is married with two teenage daughters and the Society benefits from the help of the whole family in setting up and dismantling the show. Heather says of the work" it, great people to work with. I have a coaster on my desk that reads 'You don't have to be mad to work here (but it does help)'. I think that says it all".

Tracy Hall hs, rms, maa

tracy hall miniature artist.

Tracy is an artist and illustrator based in Scotland and has been painting professionally since 1997. First introduced to miniature art in 2007, she was instantly hooked and was delighted to be awarded The Royal Miniature Society Gold Memorial Bowl the following year. She hasn't stopped since and loves every minute.

Other Council Members:

Caroline Jones; Iain Traill-Stevenson HS; Malcolm Brown HS; Linda Kracht HS; Peter Hayton HS and Roger Wilson.