Marilyn Oram HS

I studied art at GCE A Level, and for a further year as part of a BEd degree course. After that year I decided teaching wasn’t for me, and opted instead for a career in librarianship. Although I continued to draw and paint occasionally, almost all my spare time became dedicated to voluntary animal rescue work.

​However, everything changed about four years ago. I have had Multiple Sclerosis (MS) since the age of twenty-three, and after more than forty years of being fairly manageable it began to accelerate, and I was becoming increasingly disabled, and unable to do so many things. I had always been fascinated by small scale artwork, and decided to join the Hilliard Society because I needed a new purpose, a challenge, something to aim for. The Society has given me that, and I am incredibly grateful.

​2" x 2"

I joined the Hilliard Society in 2014, exhibiting the following year and every year since. In 2017 I was thrilled to be awarded the privilege of using the letters HS after my name.

​Proceeds from any sale of my work buys pet food for the Pontypridd and Rhondda food banks, so although I can no longer do hands-on animal rescue I have found a new way to help! I work in watercolour pencil and graphite, and most of my subjects are cats and dogs. There is no shortage of inspiration! ​In addition to current canine and feline friends, I have a wealth of memories (and photographs).

​I have come to this rather late in life, but I love doing it, and hope I’ll be able to continue for quite a few years.

2.25in dia

​2.25in dia

2" x 2"

​2" x 2"

​2.25in dia

​2.25in dia

2.25in dia

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