41. Alan Spencer Brooks

Alan Spencer Brooks Slm HS ARMS

I have been fairly artistic from an early age and my mother recognised this, so at the age of 12 she took me to a professional artist for some lessons. From then on, my spare time was taken up with painting.

In 1994 I gained membership of the Society of Limners and in 1999 became a member of the Hilliard Society. I have exhibited with the Royal Miniature Society since 1996 and was accepted as an Associate member in 2005. At the second World Exhibition of Miniature Art held in Tasmania in 2000, I was honoured to receive the award for the Limners Society.

I have exhibited larger work in events held by local art clubs of which I am a member, and also in galleries around Sussex. My style is fairly individual in that I use dry watercolour and gouache. I paint mostly landscapes but I also enjoy painting pet portraits.