40. Rebecca Veasey

Rebecca Veasey

I am a Somerset born artist, taking my inspiration from the countryside of the Somerset Levels and the Mendip hills, people-in-context, the glory of wildlife, gardens of all descriptions, birds and animals.

From an early age, drawing from life was enormously important to me as a form of self-expression and connecting with the world around me. During local evening classes I was stimulated to develop water colour work and was introduced to oil painting. Following these important intermediary experiences, after leaving school, I was fortunate to have received a firm grounding in figurative life drawing, attending classes run by the late Neil Murison at the Royal West of England Academy. During this time, I also learned the process of etching. Drawing on miniature scale copper plates contrasted with the larger scale life drawing.

These days I continue to vary the art I do. Physically, painting miniatures can be extremely intense so from time to time I give my muscles and eyes a break and paint and draw on a much larger scale. My work is varied in subject, medium and size. From fine-detailed miniature paintings and drawings to larger scale expressive works. Commissioned pieces bring further variety to my life as an artist. I love to bring together personal imagery, piecing them together to create finished paintings for the individual seeking to freeze an important point in life.

I am a member of The Hilliard Society of Miniaturists and have exhibited at the Mall Galleries London with the Royal Miniature Society, the RWA, Bath Society of Artists, Derwent Drawing Prize and many others.