27. Peter Sheppard

Peter Sheppard HS

Peter was born and raised in the Southern Caribbean, on the Twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. This former British Colony is situated just 7miles east of Venezuela off the South American mainland. The Andes mountains seen to continue along the North of Trinidad before submerging off the continental shelf into the Atlantic . It is these mountains which inspires his landscape paintings.

Peter’s career as an artist began in the early to mid 80s but it was not until 1994 that he held his first solo exhibition in Trinidad and Tobago and has been exhibiting successfully for the past 27yrs . He served on the Board of Directors of The Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago since 2011 and most recently as President of that society (2017-2022).

Painting is in his blood as both his parents are also landscape painters who share in the passion for the natural and rural life of Trinidad and Tobago. A self-taught artist who continues to work with landscapes with art in miniature as his niche. His compositions are imaginary yet typical of the natural beauty and gentle lifestyle of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Peter Sheppard has been an exhibiting member of The Hilliard Society for the past several years winning the Sue Burton Award in 2013 . His work can be found in private collections in the US, Canada, UK , Italy, Denmark, South Africa and the Caribbean .