20. Heather Catchpole

Heather O. Catchpole. H.S.F., RMS (Hon. Rtd).

Heather, though born in Canada, grew up in Durban, South Africa, where she qualified as a 'commercial artist' in the '60s.
She has always travelled extensively, but settled in Somerset, where she met her late husband, and became a successful pastel portrait artist, mostly of children and dogs.

It was at a visit to an exhibition to the Royal Society of Miniaturists in London in 1979 that she 'discovered' miniature painting, and in 1982, when she heard of the very newly formed Hilliard Society of Miniaturists based in Wells, exhibited with them and was immediately invited to become a member. In fact she is delighted to be one of the 3 remaining Founder Members still exhibiting with the Hilliard Society!

Heather has been on the HS Council since the beginning, including serving as President. As Social Secretary, over the years she has in the past, amongst other things, run the Society's Workshop days and arranged and given talks, with HS members demonstrating, at various venues, including such as the Holburne Museum in Bath; thus introducing Miniature Painting to a wider audience. All this she has always enjoyed and done with light-hearted enthusiasm. She has also been a member of various international miniature painting societies.

She still lives in Somerset, with her cocker spaniel, Heidi, who is a favourite 'sitter'.