1. Katherine Weber

Katherine Weber AFC

I have been exploring art from an early age but only in the past few years have I been drawn to the watercolor challenge.  So much magic can happen with this medium.  Expanding my repertoire of painting techniques is my current focus.  It is a rare day when I do not pick up a paint brush!  

My grandfather was a wildlife artist and probably gave me my first art supplies. Instruction began for me at the Art Institute of Chicago but then life took over and although I kept an art hand in through the years it was only after retirement that I began to pick up my brushes again, with the emphasis on COLOUR!  Nature is always an inspiration.  I am an outside person, avid gardener, walker and nature lover.  The luck of living in a wooded area with a couple of ponds supplies limitless subjects. My husband and I own prairie and wetland property in a conservation stewardship program.  Removing non-native and invasive species as well as establishing native trees and plants is a continuing goal. 

“Nature is my inspiration” has long been true as to my watercolor paintings.  Even the surface – Terraskin paper – is an ecologically friendly product  as it is made from stone and not paper.  My method is to pour a background and then look for a subject which is always nature.  Raised in the country, the daughter of a veterinarian and granddaughter of a wildlife artist, their loves were early and continuing influences.