Marion Winter

Born in Dresden/Germany on the 15th of June 1947 I spent about 4 decades of my life in Germany. In 1988 I came to Australia‘s beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland and I live there ever since. Surely -  both countries have influence on my art.  I got in contact with art already in my childhood by visiting galleries in Dresden and many other European cities, full of exciting traditional art.  

When I started to paint miniatures it was to decorate the walls of dolls houses that I built for collectors. Using cuttings of  “Old Masters“ works from magazines, fading in the shortest of time, was highly unsatisfactory. This triggered my interest in learning to paint miniatures.  After 6 months of lessons I entered my fist exhibition and receivied a “Highly Commended“. I felt encouraged to carry on with painting and desired to determine whether I inherited some talent from my Grandfather, an architect and artist, who had died long before I was born. 

Meanwhile I had joined the “Australian Society of Miniature Art, Qld. Inc.“ (ASMA QLD). This organization arranged two exhibitions per year, one for members only and an “International Exhibition“ at the Gold Coast City Arts Centre. In 2000 I entered my first exhibition with the World Federation of Miniature Art in Hobart, Tasmania, where I received invitations to exhibit in the UK and US as well  - MASF, MPSGS, RMS and HS.  I also served ASMA QLD as Secretary, President and Exhibition Manager. Supportet by the Gold Coast City Council I organized a very successful touring exhibition of 200 Australian miniatures through Germany. Up until now I enjoy mostly to paint landscapes in a traditional, realistic way with a romantic touch, also flowers and still lifes; however it was a challenge to enter the world of Surrealism, which continues to be a great pleasure to me. About 95 % of my paintings are Miniatures. 

I am now a member of the most important Miniature Art Societies in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Also I enjoy to enter miniature art exhibitions, staged by regional or private galleries. This participation is of great incentive to me.  I am very proud to be now a signature Member of  MAA “The Miniature Artists of America“ .

For Sale

Autumn Leaves in Spring
5,5 x 9 cm
£450 + shipping
For Sale
5 x 10 cm
Oil on Ivorine
£300 + shipping
For Sale

Castle Walls

6 x 9 cm

Oil on Polymin

£400 + shipping

For Sale

Towngate in Bavaria

9 x 6 cm oval

 Oil on Paper

£350 + shipping

For Sale

Tulips and Daisies

9 x 6 cm

Oil on Ivorine

£400 + shipping

In my aim to support Miniature Art I founded “ICMA - International Community of Miniature Art“  -  a website based community for Miniature Art enthusiasts - with a great variety of interesting reports and articles on various subjects of  this beautiful and rare kind of art. You will find there: “Artist in Focus“, “The History and Relevance of Miniature Art“, “Hints, Tips and More“ as well as “Interesting Links“. Further pages will be added.